The Genius Nicolae Teslea

The great scientist Nikola Tesla was Romanian. He was Istro-Romanian and his name was Nicolae Teslea. The great scientist and inventor Nicolae Teslea was born on the night of July 10, 1856, as the son of Milutin Teslea (an Orthodox priest) and Gica Mandici. The father’s family was a family of anti-Ottoman border guards, in … Continue reading The Genius Nicolae Teslea


The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

The wonderful and brilliant scientists at the Institute of HeartMath have done some amazing work in shedding light on some very significant findings regarding the science of the heart. The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for … Continue reading The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

The Science Of Wave Genetics

Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves to affect the genes in DNA. Russian scientists have been experimenting with wave genetics for more than 80 years. Their research has shown that wave genetics has the potential to heal any illness and dramatically extend the lifespan of certain organisms, including … Continue reading The Science Of Wave Genetics

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields | Martin Blank

Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University representing 190 international scientists in an Appeal to the UN, UN Member States and the WHO on the risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by telecommunications and utility technologies. Cautioning strongly, Dr. Blank says, “The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect … Continue reading International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields | Martin Blank

CERN Collider | The Stargate of Shiva?

Right now I can almost see in my mind, a bunch of ATSers jumping in their chairs, in front of the computer and saying “Oh no, another weirdo going nuts about the LHC…” Well, just my two cents that, after you read what I’m sharing here, some of you guys, will stop thinking that the purpose … Continue reading CERN Collider | The Stargate of Shiva?

How Your State of Mind is Affecting Your Well-Being

Most of us know that the environment has a tremendous effect on our physical and mental well-being but did you know that our thoughts directly affect the way we physically feel? Remember always that we live and exist as part of a vast, elaborate, and intricate matrix of consciousness where everything affects everything else. There … Continue reading How Your State of Mind is Affecting Your Well-Being

Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA

Scientists have discovered astounding new evidence that suggests hemp proteins have the capacity to repair damaged DNA -- a phenomenon that occurs in all humans as the result of aging. While the majority of people are aware that DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is present within most living organisms, there is perhaps a larger percentage who … Continue reading Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA