The Origin of the “Star of David”

Şinca Veche

The Rupestral Monastery of Șinca Veche (Rumania) | Yin-Yang symbol enclosed by Six-Pointed Star (click on the picture to read the full study)

Here is another proof of our continuous existence in the Carpathian lands discovered in the 1970s by archaeologist Nicolae Chetraru from Basarabia, who had thoroughly searched the palaeolithic grotto of Brînzeni, on the Racovăț Rivulet (Basarabia), a few kilometres from its merging with the Prut River, flowing from its left, not far from Mițoc (a locality in the Botoșani County), situated on the right riverbank. It was here that several strangely shaped objects made of mammoth bones with incisions on them, were discovered. One of them represents a triangle with one of its lines a little chipped, and out of its rounded top a column or a pillar emerges. Below the pillar on the upper part of the triangle one can see three rows of incisions. And the object is also an amazing telling story for the heads of the Mioritics: our ancestors were contemporaries of the mammoths, but their offspring have become some kind of monkeys, bowing down to foreign interests and baa baaing so stupidly that even the dead, in the ancestral graves, would be terrified.

The age of this archaeological object, which was determined by radiocarbon-dating, is around 35000 BCE in the Paleolithic, but this “curious thing” is not mentioned in any history book, because it would not be compatible with the fabrications of the Romanian Academy or those of other scoundrels, about who we are and where we came from, that is to say, look for our place of origin elsewhere, in the boondocks, or into the toilet of the Devil in hell, maybe not even there. Objects similarly old and with similar symbols on them were discovered all over the area inhabited by the ancient Carpathian people, and I exemplify here with the paleolithic sites at Mițoc, Ţibrinu, Cosăuţi, and Cuina Turcului. The fact that these long forgotten natives from the beginning of time were considered some kind of savages, can be exemplified by any history book dealing with this period, which stopped at cave man clubs and roars of wild animals. But these objects through their encoded messages related to our people’s culture and other archeological discoveries or to information from elsewhere, and to other sources, help us discover some more facts about our own history that has been so terribly falsified by criminal groups that pretend to be nests of Romanian wisdom. Yet facts and data show them to be just Satan’s hatchers.

ArtifactTo proceed to understand what we should understand about these artefacts, even if it is against those who have determined there is nothing to comprehend about these objects, that reveal forgotten or hidden stories to decrepit minds. May these be forever referred to with the curse to never be forgotten for their deplorable deeds, and full of venom! Let us start with the very beginning, long, long ago, when mountains would get together and talk to each other, when man would not walk around brainsick with crazy revelations and visions meant to catch everybody into a web of stupidity, and to forever enslave everybody into serving some filthy animals, hateful and devilish, who have come here to steal our past, our history, our faith and our being, to humiliate and denigrate us, by telling us that we would have been nuisances, with no land or home, with no clothes and jewelry, and that we were nothing but a bunch of failures here in our land, soiling it with shit only.

At that time, about 37000 ago, the people who were living here in our lands, stretching from the Pannonian Plain to the Russian Plain, were not wandering around like asses, instead they were communicating with one another, and because they were not too many, they needed to help one another, to be able to survive in times of trouble. And when it was time to rest they would reflect how to live their lives to please the spirits of heavens, and it was then that they would let their thoughts to roam freely through unknown and unimaginable realms, they would praise the Creator and His creation, conceived out of His love and thought. This is how the strange object found at Brȃnzeni was created. In fact it praises the Creator and His creations, representing the Ceahlău Mountain and the Axis of Heaven, the Cosmic Pillar, Axis Mundi, the Beam of Light or the Tree of Life and Death, that connects by light of the light, the Heavenly Father to Mother Earth.

Dimitrie Cantemir in his “Descriptio Moldaviae“ (1721) left us testimony that on the holy Ceahlău Mountain, there was a huge statue, 11 meters tall, a representation of Dochia; this monument of nature still exists today below the top of the mountain, just as described by our voivode. A Mioritic legend also mentions this symbol of Dochia and says: “Dochia was very beautiful, which was also a bad thing; after transgressing, she remained holy. Water springs out of her body. Soldiers laughingly say: ‘this is the kind of water we drink!’…Dochia, long, long ago, when the world was created – they say that on her birthday it was warm, and she defied God by saying that she wasn’t afraid of Marƫ (March), and she would leave to tame goats (that is to gather them for the sheepfold) and get them ready for pasture. But Marƫ sent rain and snow again, and she walked and walked for twelve days until she took off all her lambskin coats – laying them on “ciritei” (spirea bushes) – and when she got up there, it was cold and Marţ sent frost that night…Dochia is the first day of spring. On Dochia’s Day a mărƫişor is being made out of a red silk or wool thread, entwined with another white one, then it is worn around the neck, so that the one (the woman) who wears it, could have rosy cheeks and white complexion all year long. The mărţisor is supposed to be worn until St. George’s Day, then it should be placed on a rose, or on a branch of cherry blossoms… On March the 1st a priest is called, and brought to the garden to bless the ‘toaia’ (wolfsbane in English) – a plant, whose root and leaves were used as folk remedies”. Goats as totemic animals to the Carpathian people, appear for the first time on the Tărtăria tablets around 6200 BCE, and this might be the reason goats are mentioned, and only later they were replaced by sheep, as we can find in other versions of the legend of the “mysterious” woman. If we followed the thread of our ancestral language to understand the meaning of the word Dochia we get “do/du” (pitcher, joy, to give birth, to be born, to create, mound, hillock, height, sanctuary) + “gia/kia” (land, face, place, side, chosen, noble), therefore to our understanding it would mean sanctuary chosen by the Creator, the Land of Joy, height of land, holy mound (also found in the Egyptian culture), and others.

In the morning of August the 6th, a strange phenomenon occurs on the Toaca Peak of the Ceahlǎu Massif, through the superposition of some shadow and light that creates a shadow pyramid, or a pyramid of light (in the first image in the upper left corner). This phenomenon was known to the people of the Paleolithic, inhabitants of our lands between the Dnieper River and the place of origin of the Danube River, because they conceptualized their thoughts in the little object (seen in the 3rd image of the 1st row). Several places these people had inhabited were also discovered along the Bistriƫa River Valley. The little object also embodies the Celestial Pole or the Pole of Light, which emerges from the Holy Mountain symbolized by the isosceles triangle, and it ascends to the Heavens to merge with the infinite. Several myths that have been transmitted to us through our ancestral faith, talk about these theological concepts, but they are considered “tales” or “stories”, because only the Ivrit ones are revelations, inspiration, conspirations, or visions, they have received from Hell through whispers and devils’ scratching themselves between their horns. Next to the “Pyramid of Light” (seen in the 1st row), I put a photo of the Toaca Peak as it usually is, and next to it is the hieroglyphic symbol of Pitah/Ptah spirit in the Egyptian religion, and below is the same symbol, as the people who lived at Tărtăria inscribed it, around 6250 BCE. In order to better understand the hieroglyph that represents the Holy Land, I am going to mention that in the mythology of this spirit of Egyptian religion, it is said that he created all things seen and unseen out of his boundless love for the Earth. This mound of earth appeared after the spirit launched a bolt of lightning into the dark primeval waters, and the tumultuous waves created a mound of earth that was floating in its midst. Then out of his heart a beam of light sprung, reached the pyramid-shaped mound of earth, and through the words he uttered, he called creation into being; and this is how everlasting life appeared here, and those who were worthy to return to Ptah’s city of light. The myth can also be found in “our folklore”, or popular culture, because in the “academic” one, Satan and all his disciples of darkness, as well as all those who burst with hatred against the Romanian people have built their nest.

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Source: Constantin Olariu Arimin | Adevăruri Ascunse (Hidden Truths)


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