The Philistines | Canaanites


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Some of the oldest written sources reveal that around 2.000 B.C., the Khabiru people – the word Khabiru being used with the meaning of mercenary, confederate, associate – were enlisted as soldiers to fight in the armies of the kings of Larsa and Assur. They appeared in the regions of Asia Minor, in the threshold between millennia and by the end of 3.000 B.C., they were to be found all around the borders of the Emesh/Sumerian states, and in the Hittite Empire, where they were wandering from place to place wherever they wanted, to their hearts’ desire. They were organized in tribal unions, whose leader was elected for military merits and their society was led by tribal elders and priests’ councils. According to Egyptian written records, this kingdom had close ties with Phoenicia and Palestine, which they controlled with the help of their army, alliances, as they pleased, or as times required during the reign of the 12th Dynasty (2.000 – 1.785 B.C.).

Towards the middle of the 18th century B.C., historical documents reveal the fact that the Hyksos tribes, who came out of the blue and occupied Egypt – where they introduced chariots in fighting – were pouring out as a river flooding over its banks into Hapi’s country. But some ancient sources tell us that in the same period and geographic area, these Scythians and Getae, coming from the dark northern Carpatho-Caspian territories, started pouring out like a flood of people chased by ghosts and ended up in the Pharaoh’s land, whose fighters they whacked badly.

It is for the first time in this century that the Getae and Scythians are mentioned as being in their predatory wanderings beyond the endless land, reaching the kingdom of the Pharaoh who “greeted” them with a mace and sword. This event is recorded by the Greek writer Ctesias, who lived at the end of the 5th century B.C., and who tells us that Sesostris, the pharaoh of Egypt, fought against Tanaus, the King of Scythians. The Greeks used to call the Don River with the name of Tanais, which was in fact the border between the Scythians and the Getae (Gomer and Magog), as described in the Apocryphal Stories of the Genesis. Since this historical fact proves to be true, it therefore throws the Mosaic letters into the garbage can of history.

Pompeius Trogus, a Roman who lived in the 1st century B.C., mentioned in his Philippic Histories that Tanaus, king of the Getae had defeated Vesosis, King of Egypt, along the banks of the Phasis River (possibly a branch of the Nile, flowing into the Delta). The Greek historian Philo of Byblos, who lived at the beginning of the 1st century A.D., translated into Greek the History of Phoenicians by Sanchuniathon, who had been a Phoenician historian of the 12th century B.C. This information got to us through the writings of Eusebius of Caesarea, who had quoted some passages from these texts. According to this wise man, the Phoenicians visited our homeland too and Pharaoh Sesostris even led an expedition against the Getae and the Scythians, but in fact the historical recorded data shows that the Egyptian leader defended his own country against the Ariminic invaders, who came from the Ister and The Black Sea to be warmed up by Ra. The legendary Phoenician historian states that he acquired all his sacred knowledge from the divine inscriptions engraved on the pillars of the Sun, found in the temples of Phoenicia. These kinds of pillars were also to be found at the court of Aetes, the Getae king, who lived in the 13th century B.C., and according to some ancient writers, they had the divine laws written on them, and these ancient writers were unbiased, and they were not sifted through the filter of those Sons of Darkness of the Militia Cristi, who have falsified history making up stories. Valerius Flaccus, a Latin poet who lived in the 1st century of our era, writes in Argonautica that: “Vesosis/Sesostris was the first one who declared war against the Getae, but being frightened by the defeat of his army he returned to Thebes on the Nile River, accompanied only by very few of his own men.”

Therefore we had a powerful state here, around the Carpathian Mountains, and we were skilled in dealing anyone a powerful blow with our army and weaponry.

The Judeo-Christian bishop Jordanes states in Getica 6:47 that: “This was the region where the Goths dwelt when Sesostris I (1.973-1.928 B.C.), king of the Egyptians, made war upon them. Their king at that time was Tanaus, the Scythian king (after whom the Tanais/Don river was supposedly named). In a battle at the river Phasis (Rioni, southwest of the Caucasus), whence come the birds called pheasants, which are found in abundance at the banquets of the powerful all over the world, Tanaus, king of the Goths, met Sesostris, king of the Egyptians, and there inflicted a severe defeat upon him, pursuing him all the way to Egypt. Had he not been restrained by the waters of the impassible Nile and the fortifications which Sesostris had long ago ordered to be made against the raids of the Ethiopians, he would have slain him in his own land.”

Let us ponder for a little while over what Jordanes wrote sometime in mid 6th century A.D., while the devilish ones were fueling their diabolical effort to falsify the history of the Getae, and especially that of the Judeo-Christians. The tricky old chap feeling himself so “inspired”, took the Goths out of the hat and substituted the Getae with them, even if the source he mentioned, Trogus Pompeius, who had written the story about 600 years before Jordanes, spoke only about the Getae, because the Goths were brought by the waves of history in mid 3rd century of our era. In order to remember the Ariminic nation, we have to take into account the fact that groups of Getae and Scythians ruffled the Pharaoh’s feathers very badly, right there in his own homeland, and had he not found his salvation in the southern area, where there were fortifications built to stop the Ethiopian invasion, he would have been butchered by these groups of predators. And these events overlap exactly this period of the Hyksos, mentioned in the Egyptian chronicles. Jordanes also tells us that part of the army retreated, and after conquering the entire Asia, some settled in these lands and others, led by their king, went back to their native Scythia, somewhere on the Don / Tanais and the Ister rivers. Here Jordanes writes the land as Scythia, but he uses a generic term, by which we have to understand the territory located north of the Ister River, north of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, therefore he refers to the territories where the Getae and the Scythians were natives.

At the request of Ptolemy the Philadelphian, who was the king of Macedonia, Manetho, a Sebenite priest, wrote a history of Egypt in which he calls the Hyksos Heka khasewet and Sasewet, the meaning of the words being foreign rulers or shepherd kings, therefore he refers to the Royal Scythians mentioned by Herodotus, wherefrom the Greeks called them Hyksos. In some Egyptian texts the Hyksos appear under the name of Heku Sasu, and this is very similar to the word Saka or Saci, therefore these people were none other than the Scythians, because the Sacae were a branch of the Scythians. Their capital Avaris, according to Egyptian texts, was called Spune Daba, and I am going to bring further proof to the falsifiers of history! Also on the Lead Tablets discovered at Sinaia (Romania), the word Daba means city, and the Cosmography of the Anonymous from Ravenna, a 7th century writing, tells us that there was a city called Sacidaba, in Moesia Inferior (“daba” means “city”, and the “Saci” were a Scythian people from the Black Sea/Pontus Euxinus)…

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Source: Constantin Olariu Arimin | Adevăruri Ascunse (Hidden Truths)



5 thoughts on “The Philistines | Canaanites

  1. I think the connecting tissue and location is the Telchines of Rhodes, wherein, they too were mercenaries, blacksmiths, and aligned with the house of Judah, or, I think in line with the Benjamites. They are both wolf tribe oriented. Telchine can be of Tubalcain through Cain’s tree line, and I believe Cain had a dog (wolf). Also would relate as Norse Tyr god, and Tyre, the Phoencian capital city. This can also be of Zeus-Hyperboreans, and include the islands Crete, Santorini, Delos, and Lemnos/Samothrace as blacksmiths under the Greek Hephaestus. Here we have the Kabeiros cult, and I would contend Kabeiros relates to Khabiri, and both relate back to Bad Tibira (Blacksmith city in Sumeria, and the Planet X as Nibiru, if I’m correct. This relates to both India as Kebara, and Sakastan’s Buddah in Verkania (Hyrcania) – Land of the Wolves (Iran today). It has derivatives as Norse god Buri (creation), India Bri (creation), and likely the Kassites, whom ruled Babylon under king Burna Buriashi I, and II, and name traced to artifacts at Metsamor near Georgia/Armenia.

    I would suggest that they were later called Scythians, but are shamans of Siberia-Iberia (Caucasus) -Iberia (Spain). The other names can be Buryats, Buryans, Burjans (Lemnos Isle), and Buri (Burri) in Romania (wolf tribe – Draco). I believe they too were later the Burgundian blacksmiths in France and Rhine regions. Also Buriano town Italy I would say as Lombard era. These are the elusive Hyperboreans whom may have written the Greek myths, and Norse ones. The Bira, Biru, Bara, Bora, Beri, Beru…etc. all relate to BURGS, BERGS (mountains-stones- or towers/burj), or Bur/Burr, sticker, thorn, needle, or Burin tool of blacksmiths used to de-burr rough metal edges.

    If all this is true, then the Khabiri would be blacksmiths, and should have a dwarf/pygmy/midget god of the under world as in India’s Kebara (treasurer of the gods), and Lemnos Isles’s Kabeiros. Egypt’s Ptah and Anubis (dog/wolf gatekeeper), Germany’s Thor, and Greek’s Haphaestos would link to the Telchines wherein Hyperboreans are the same. Kabeiros was a dwarf as most of Hephaestus workers.

    If true, the Khabiri could also be left-handed as were Benjamites, Norse god Tyr (the wolf bit off his right hand). Hebrew is written right to left. Because my suname is related – I think, then they can also be yDNA R1a, as are the oldest Tarim mummies of Central Asia. I would suggest Siberian Buryats are both related words, and the wolf/raven relationship can be shamanic from here. This then incorporates both Apollo, and Odin symbols. A deified mountain is global, and in many Biblical events of similar nature and locations.

    The “key” stepping-stone is the Telchines. Dogs of the Underworld, or Hounds of Heaven will also suffice. These folks had dogs as far back as the paleolithic, and of dogs of Siberia/Central Asian wolf DNA roots, too. So did Cain really have a dog?

    If true, then Saul the founder of Israel in Jerusalem was a Benjamite of the House of Jacob, and is of the “wolf” tribes, too. Benjamites also had an expert archer force. A lot of mythical deified dogs seem to originate near or around the Isle of Rhodes. So Telchines can be this link between the Levant and Thrace in very ancient periods as you describe. This also links Babylon or earlier Sumeria.

    There are many more events and locations to tie to this, but this is specific to your Khabiri. Kha is a part of your spirit/soul by Egyptian definitions wherein; “you meet your kha when you die”.

    Hyperboreans were happy when they died. This was recorded in Roman war journal comments about them. I believe I can connect them to the mushroom inscription on Trajan’s Tower in Rome, due to the recoreded “Buri” tribe of Dacian/Thracian territories in this period.

    Can also be of Baskhortostan, Buryzan, wolf tribe and “Bee Keepers”. So this then relates Scythian Baskhirs, and Baskhorts. Hyperboreans can work here too. Relates Tartan “plaid linens” relative to Tarim mummies, and Scottish “kilts”. Also, Abaris, the Hyperborean sage. I can easily relate shamanism into all of the above.

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    • You are absolutely correct Richard, except for the Hebrew part. When the Hyperboreans / Pelasgians / Cabeiri (Khabirs) / Getes (Scythians) were around, there were no Hebrews yet. When the Hebrews appeared out of “Hell’s Covenant” and invaded Canaan, they were no more than semi-savages wielding slings. This paper is aiming to prove exactly that, thus denouncing these satanic lunatics who claimed to be “God’s Chosen” in their “revelations” whispered to them by Yhwh himself (The Lord of Darkness). And by the way, there is no such thing as Nibiru. Zechariah Sitchin (a Khazar from Baku) and his mumbo jumbo books, have been dismissed a long time ago by serious authors such as Richard H. Charles, Ronald K. Brown, Ronald H. Fritze and even more recently by Michael Salla, not to mention the Russian sumerologists who have translated the Emesh tablets more than 30 years ago and actually do know what they are talking about. His books (especially his manufactured interpretations with regards to the Emesh tablets) were aimed at creating a false alien agenda which has absolutely nothing to do with facts. Today, his books are highly regarded by the legions of imbeciles who love the New Age nonsense coming from all sorts of deranged individuals. Thank you for the fantastic comment Richard! It is a pleasure reading what you have to say every time! Have a wonderful day mate!


  2. I agree Nibiru isn’t as Sitchin claims. If there was space aliens, then how could they orbit a “flat-Earth”, or wouldn’t t they tell Earthlings its really spherical? After-all, the Egyptians, and others; Inca, Mayan, Aztec..etc., all claimed somebody came to their lands and “taught them” all advanced knowledge. But yet not a spherical Earth-planet. The global travelers were shamans in my opinion. An illuminated body would suffice for planet (not a word in old-Hebrew, and, as a “crossing” through the zodiacal sky. One couldn’t deny that ancients deify planets with god and goddess characterizations. This can stand without space aliens. Biru could mean “rock”. ???

    I think the Bible is quite stuffed full of symbols, perhaps “doctored” as well. It occurred to me that Saul, the Benjamite was the 1st king when Israel originated as the confederation of 12-tribes/states. The Benjamites were not exactly saints either. I would note that Benjamin was born in Canaan, and his name was changed (doctored?) after his birth, in part because his mother died at the time he was born. To my knowledge, the other 11-tribes names were born in Babylon as captives – all descendants of Abraham. So by having the 1st king as a Benjamite, then you can’t claim this Canaan land is being occupied by foreigners, but in fact, only Bejnamites hold this position as Canaan indigenous in root pedigree, Benjamin being born here.. This makes most sense to me. Like in America, white folks “took” the land, none being indigenous, but foreigners. Moses line was instructed by God to take Canaan by force.

    You may find this additional factor about Moses in line with your thinking. So we understand, I’m not researching religions, but use any and all writings to global-trace my ethos as y DNA R1a. I use the Bible and other books for tribe names, dates, geography, customs, archaeology…or, any types of forensics. I attempt to weight data as hard or soft, and model with hard data, crossed referenced for reliability as preferred. When Moses went up to the top of Mt. Sinai, my King James Bible gives two details in the story that tells me where these nuances originates from, thus his root customs. Two questions become apparent to me; 1) why is god at the top of any mountain? 2) Why did Moses take off his shoes? I find these attributes in Siberian shamans. Some relate Phoenicians (Lebanon, capital Tyre) as Siberian Yakuts, Buryats…others. Also Beirut (Berytus). Shaman’s Rock at Lake Baikal has these two Moses attributes, but here they put booties on their horse hoofs, get off and walk carefully to pass through this sacred zone as not to disturb their god/s. Their god Tengra (many similar spellings) is an Earth-god whom decided to reside on mountain tops, of his own choice. I would suggest a shamans instincts are a “gift” from god your born with, same as the Dali Lama. Hindu from “hind” – a female Siberian Reindeer with antlers. The only deer species where females exhibit antlers. Note Hindu Kush Pass in the Himalayas’. Siberia has Burkhanism revival religion today, and Burkhan Khaldun, the sacred mountain in the Mongolian restricted forest, and a 3day walk, or 1-day on horse back. This I can connect to Apollo and his (twin sister) Artemis.

    If these are Hyperboreans, as Moses may be, is there other ways to add more glue? Greece has two Hyperboreans I’ll reference. 1) Olen – part founder of the oracle of Delphi with Apollo’s temple there, too. Note there was an oracle also near Jerusalem. 2) Abaris – a Hyperborean sage (shaman), and he wore “plaid” trousers (rode horses/Scythian, some claim he’s Druid-Celt) but Greeks wore the chiffon/dress then. The Tarim Basin mummies y DNA R1a, 1850 BC, wore plaid trousers, and the same linen match was found in Salzburg Germany salt mine skeleton dated 1350 BC.

    God’s Mountain became pyramids over many millennia and they also became modernized to the Giza type being large block rock, and later date frame. I think the Bible has many sacrilegious events that occur on hills, mounds, mountains…and rocks, cornerstones, grave-markers, David’s pillow (rock), and Mecca’s Black-cornerstone.

    Biblical god states; “I am the Rock”, and “I am the Light”. What do these have in common? E=MC2.
    I don’t have an issue with science, and suggest Einstein may may have obtained two of his three variables from the Bible. When I first fashioned this, it suggests Einstein was a Biblical Christian, but I didn’t know enough about him. Short research shows he invested into a University funding in Israel. Kind of pins the tail on the donkey I guess.

    I also think ones spirit or soul could be immortal and as quantum entanglement physics, that could be encoded in our DNA, at conception. Ask yourself, what would your soul do drifting around our universe after death. A better question; what would my soul do in our universe if it wondered near a “blackhole”? By my reasoning, being mortal is impossible. Teleportation (think of your spirits info about yourself, or your thoughts, your existence) has been demonstrated in several labs using entangled photons. E is the reciprocal of M, and C2 a constant. Aren’t we born with instincts, as animals exhibit? Still working on this rather new physics, but I have optics background so I always have these science studies going on. Quantum entanglement violates distance (space), and time (instantaneous) – unless newer theories have been postulated. Photons are one quanta type (electromagnetic), but there can be others perhaps, and maybe, support a human entanglement with God (creator), and in our DNA – the spark of life. A god of light can be a sun god, or “enlightenment”. Mushrooms, Apollo symbol golden apples, and Eve’s apple – enlightened them, for example. I see shaman origins for “enlightenment”.

    To me, a “space alien” could more likely be a simple cell size form, in suspended animation on a meteor, hitching a ride to Earth. Like a plant seed that last for thousands years until it gets wet with water. Trouble is, the ancients would need a magnifier lens to see them (aliens).

    Thanks for the blog topics, GGG guy.

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    • Hello Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic comment. It’s always a pleasure to exchange thoughts and ideas with you. First of all I want to point out that the globe earth is pure science-fiction. Nothing more than a secular (satanic) agenda against God and mankind. I’ve researched myself into this subject for months, and except for the manufactured images provided by NASA I haven’t found one single shred of evidence to suggest that we are living on a globe. Since the beginning of the world until roughly 500 years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat and stationary. But then the satanic elite posing as atheists contrived the Copernican heliocentric theory, the theory of evolution, the theory of gravity, the theory of relativity, the big-bang theory etc. These theories were never ever proven. In fact, all the scientific experiments have proven the Bible to be right. But the public education system never teaches us about these experiments (Michelson-Morley, Sagnac, etc.) and scientists because the secular agenda must be fulfilled at all cost. I find it very interesting that modern science (especially theoretical science) is mirrored perfectly in the Kabbalah, and Albert Einstein being himself part of the elite, had this task of creating the theory of relativity which in fact is nothing more than Jewish mysticism and has absolutely nothing to do with science, but rather with science-fiction. Tesla had reached the same conclusion in his own words saying that these people are rather meta-physicists than scientists i.e. theoretical physicists. The first ideas suggesting the Earth is a globe actually began with the ancient Greeks, but the seeds of this theory can be found in Babylon, wherefrom the Jews incorporated them in their mystic doctrines. As for the word ‘planet’ itself, it actually comes from the Old Greek word ‘planetes’, and interestingly enough it bears the meaning of ‘wandering star’ which is precisely what the Bible says they are. The so-called planets presented to us by NASA are pure fiction, as is the whole idea of space and aliens. This secular agenda aims to reduce humanity to a mere evolutionary accident which says that we are nothing more than monkeys on a spinning ball hurdling through infinite space, having nothing to do with reality. Truth is we are indeed in the center of the universe, and we have a maker. So no, we aren’t just stardust as the atheist pseudo-scientists claim, but we are divinely created by God Almighty who is literally above us!

      History has proven over and over again that this whole secular agenda is 100% anti-Christian, and unfortunately they managed to materialize it quite skilfully, yet there are those who know this is a grand deception, in fact the greatest lie in the history of humanity!

      I bid you good day!

      ~ P.G.


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