The Carpathian Civilization


Photo: Mircea Bezergheanu (click on the picture to read the full study)

One of the most important discoveries in the history of humanity is that of the rupestral paintings of the Coliboaia Cave, Bihor County, Western Romania. Research has proved that they dated since the 38th Millennium B.C., and some of these paintings are graphic representations of animals such as: a buffalo, a horse, a feline, one or two bear heads, a bull head (similar to the one in Lascaux Cave, France) and two hairy rhinoceroses or maybe a baby mammoth. Also we can find engravings of an overwhelmingly important value for the European and for the worldwide civilization, but they are kept secret, otherwise if they were to be brought to light, they would enlighten even the worst “scientific” lies and falsities for good. These people weren’t as savage as modern archeology thought they were, at least because they practiced throughout the millennia a symbolism of signals and signs of a great uniqueness in world history, from which the first writing and the first religion of the cross were born and evolved towards the monotheistic religion of the Getae (Zamolxis’ religion or Arianism as the Judeo-Christians falsified it out of their hate for the Truth).

Some of these signs and signals we can find in future alphabets used within the inferior basin of Istrium and outside the Carpathian chain. The normal succession of these signs undoubtedly proves that the Carpathian environment was lived on since the 40th Millennium B.C., by the same population which transmitted from one generation to another the oral culture, the religion and the traditions throughout time (but bearing the same substance) and changed into what we now know as being the fabulous world of the Getae, then the Romanians of yesterday.

The information handed down from antiquity by both the Greeks and the Romans, recognizes the fact that the ancient world considered the area around the Carpathians, as the “Land of the Gods”, with the “City of God”, and that it was here where the Human Race was created, it was given an alphabet (seen painted in ochre on a rock in the Gaura Chindiei Cave, in Caraș-Severin County, made up of about 425 signs from 15.000-9.000 B.C., most of which are found on the Lead Tablets discovered at Sinaia), and a language called the “Language of the Gods”, in which the Ariminic Christianity was practiced. From this early cradle of civilization of mankind several migrations took place in the course of time.

The first migration was that of the Emesh people (baptized “Sumerians” by those who have strived for over 150 years to change their history) to Ki-en-Gi/Sumer, in mid millennium 4th B.C., but archaeological findings prove that there was a migration into those places, a thousand years earlier. The old Romanian language has in its vocabulary (mocked by the Romanian Academy, who considers us more Latinos than the ancient Latinos), a number of 3.483 common words (identical or similar) with the Emesh (called “Sumerian” by those who have been trying to change the history of this nation) and 4.405 old Romanian words composed of two or three Emesh words. Romanians have now 1.350 last names identical to the ones in the Eme.Gi language (that is over 6.000 years old!), an inconvenient truth that nobody wants to talk about, because if it were uncovered, the famous and untrue European culture would really fall apart.

I have done a comparative study of the Eme-Gi and the old Rumunian language, and I have found a number of 4.268 identical or similar words, as well as 4.405 words in the old Rumanian language, made up of two or more Eme.Gi words. And there are also a few thousand words in modern Romanian, that have the same root with the Eme.Gi language, but I did not insist upon them, because the old ones are far more important. Out of this fabulous number of words identical or similar in the two languages, 1.350 are still in use nowadays, because some Romanians have them as their last names. Therefore this is proof and we can prove to the world without a doubt that we, the Romanians, have been living here, around the Carpathians for over 6.000 years, and that we have legitimate proof of that, not just some vision or other satanical contrivance, and that the language we have been speaking derives from the old “Language of the Gods”, which is about 6.000 years old. And another truth that could be really devastating for the falsifiers of world history is that a great number of the Emesh people had left their original homeland, which was the area around the Carpathians, and migrated to Ki-en-Gi, in mid 4th millennium, laying the foundation of their famous culture, based in fact on their old Carpathian one, they had brought with them there.

I have found astonishing similarities between the Emesh culture and many myths and legends that came from ancient Romanian traditions. I have also found similarities between the Emesh religion and the religion of the Gets, as they appear carved on the Lead Tablets discovered at Sinaia (, and at the same time similarities to many of the religious traditions of the Romanians, which in fact have nothing to do with the Judeo-Christianity of Yahweh, but they have something in common with the “religion of Zamolxe”, also known with the Ariminic Christianity (Aryanism or Mithraism are names given to this religion by those who have mocked it and have stolen most of its concepts).

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Source: Constantin Olariu Arimin | Adevăruri Ascunse (Hidden Truths)


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