Humanity Sevenfold


The 7 rays are the prismatic break down of White Light. Each has its own vibratory characteristics. Light (the 7 Rays) and Sound (the 7 notes of the musical scale) are synergistic, and this is cymatics at work on a Universal scale. With the Music of the Spheres, each note (with its range of sub-harmonics) ‘sings’ the Sphere into Being. Each has its respective Masculine Color Ray and Feminine Harmonic, and together they form the set of Natural Laws for that dimensional Sphere, and therefore each has specific characteristic influence in our everyday lives. Each person has 7 Bodies (the upper ones very subtle). Each of the 7 Bodies is emanating from one of the 7 Chakras and occupying its respective dimensional space or Sphere. In this way, Humans are multi-dimensional, occupying all of the 7 Spheres/Rays/Dimensions/Harmonic Universes at once. The only thing interfering with full conscious awareness of this are emotional blocks held in one or more of the Chakras which obstructs the Kundalini flow and severs the connection to the other Selves. These blocks translate as shadowed areas within the Auric Field around the Physical Body.

— Scott Merovee Maurer

The Great Wheel of the Zodiac is the seven-skinned Egg of the universe. These skins are the seven great planes of manifestation commencing with Adi on the Spiritual level and descending to the physical plane. The fields interpenetrate, thus demonstrating the truth of the Eternal Presence in man. The consciousness of man interpenetrates all planes because it is derived from the Monadic level of the Adic plane.

— Dr. John Kirk Robertson, MAAT Texts

The seven rays is an occult concept that has appeared in several religions and esoteric philosophies, since at least the 6th century BCE, of the Aryan peoples in both Western culture and in India. In the west, it can be seen in early western mystery traditions such as Gnosticism and the Roman Mithraic Mysteries; and in texts and iconic art of the Catholic Church as early as the Byzantine era. In India, the concept has been part of Hindu religious philosophy and scripture since at least the Vishnu Purana, dating from the post-Vedic era. Beginning in the late 19th century, the seven rays appeared in a modified and elaborated form in the teachings of Theosophy, first presented by H. P. Blavatsky. The Theosophical concept of the seven rays was further developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the writings of the Theosophists C. W. Leadbeater, and by other authors such as Alice Bailey, Manly P. Hall, and others.

— Wikipedia

Just as there are 7 Divisions on the Physical Plane and the Rainbow has 7 Colors, the Energy known as Sound has 7 notes in Music and the same note recurs on the eighth key, only it has a higher or lower Pitch according to which side of the Scale is reckoned. Each complete Scale of Notes is called “Saptaka” or Septave, meaning the Scale of Seven. Actual measurement shows that going from the low to the high, each eighth note has a vibration rate of double the number; thus, each Octave from low to high has double the vibration frequency in the high as in its neighboring low and to find the Octave Frequencies means a question of simple arithmetic.

— Dinshah Ghadiali, Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopaedia

Not unlike our physical sun (the source of all visible light that can be broken up into its seven component colors), the Solar Logos of our system too is a source of seven great cosmic Rays of spiritual light that can help accelerate our spiritual growth. These Rays build up the causal body of man, and to each of them there are various spiritual and physical qualities assigned. In this case we can say that the term “Ray” is used in a sense of one special type of force or energetic quality. These seven great streams of energy represent each and every vibration in nature, space and form, and they permeate all objects, all beings and all events in manifestation. They interpenetrate each other and combine themselves in order to produce more complex systems which we refer to as “reality”. The seven Rays surpass the possible description by words, or even by thoughts or feelings. They are too essential and all-encompassing to be limited within our own narrow inner space of perception of the great spectrum of reality.

— Gail Miller

The seven streams of energy, it is said, are the very vibrations within matter, space and form which define and infuse all objects, all beings, and all events in manifestation. They combine and interweave to create all the complex systems known as reality. They strike a chord in our consciousness and are, quite literally, closer to us than breath. The Seven Stars (Rishis) of the Great Bear (Ursa Major) are the originating Sources of the Seven Rays of our Solar System. These Seven Rishis (Spirits) of the Great Bear express Themselves through the medium of the Seven Planetary Logoi in the Solar System as the Atmic Wills of the Monadic Ray, Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They stand in relation of the prototype. In a manner inconceivable to us the First Logos, the Solar Logoic Spirit, brings in the influence of other Constellations from the Monadic Great Bear via the Little Bear (Ursa Minor), Pleiades and Sirius. The Seven Stars of the Great Bear are involved in an intricate relation with Ursa Minor and the Pleiades, (as with Monad and Atma-Buddhi). This major triplicity of Constellations has a peculiar relation to that Great Being to Whom I have at times referred as the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. All that can be hinted at is that these three Galaxies of Stars are the three aspects of the Ineffable Cause of the Seven Solar Systems, via Sirius, of which ours is one. Each of these Seven Rays, coming from the Great Bear, are transmitted into our Solar System through the medium of three Zodiacal Constellations and their Ruling Planets. The Seven Planetary Spirits (Logoi, Cosmic Atma) manifest through the medium of the Seven Sacred Planets to cooperate in the Soul aspect of the Heavenly Man (Cosmic Buddhic), and also the Personality aspect (Cosmic Mental) of Humanity. The Little Bear, like its Universal Prototype, the Great Bear of which it is a lesser reflection and a corollary, is not a Constellation itself, but an Asterism, which is a distinctive group of Stars. The Seven Stars of the Great Bear are the Seven Head Centers of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said, the Great Being that is greater than our Logos and of the Pleiades, the Seven Stars that are His Spinal Chakras. When the Grand Heavenly Man (or Logos) first assumed the form of the Crown (Kether) and identified Himself with Sephira, He caused Seven Splendid Lights to emanate from the Crown. These are the Progenitors, the Givers of Life to All. They are Seven and then Ten, corresponding to the Seven and Ten Sephiroth, when manifest in Physical System. Cosmically, they are the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear; systemically they are the Seven Planetary Logoi; and from the standpoint of our planet, they are the Seven Kumaras.

— The Seven Ray Institute

Thinking of God as a Sun, there are surrounding and enfolding this Central Focus of Intelligence Seven Mighty Spheres of Consciousness, each one separated from the other by its own periphery line which forms the natural boundary of that particular sphere. These Seven Spheres are called the Aura of God, each inhabited by Great God Intelligences, all intent on doing the Father’s Will to expand His Kingdom. The development and unfoldment of His Kingdom is accomplished by the release of pulsating waves of His Own Divine Consciousness, within which are the spiritual patterns of all form and manifestation, from the smallest blade of grass to the most brilliant star in space. As these God ideas pass from Sphere to Sphere, they are absorbed by the Beings and Intelligences within each one. They then move outward to the next Sphere, and the next, ever journeying onward toward manifestation into the world of form. A constant modification of the God Light, a constant clothing of the God Consciousness is achieved in each Sphere so that God’s Ideas become embodied in the substance of each Sphere in orderly sequence and, eventually, reach the Seventh Sphere, or Etheric Realm, where they await precipitation into the physical world of form.

— Tellis Papastavro, The Gnosis and the Law


And God said, Let there be Light and there was Light. And God saw the Light, that it was good: and God divided the Light from the darkness. God spoke to make Light; thus, Sound preceded Light. On the Oscillatory Frequency principle, this is very correct, because, Sound is an Energy acting on a lower Scale. The fact of Light appearing on the Forty-Ninth Octave, explains its Divine origin and relation; God is represented symbolically by the Circle and only 7 Circles can produce the Cosmos; the Number 49 is made by 7 X 7 and stands for each Circle having been traversed 7 times in Cosmogenesis, before Light came into being, with its Seven Spectral Colors. This beauteous Energy was preceded by Sound with its Seven Musical Notes, the Number 7 keeping pace with the Scales of Evolution.


Diodorus Siculus writes in the Library of History, Book III-LX, a legend about Atlas as follows: “After the death of Hyperion – it is told – the sons of Uranus had split the kingship between them. The most renowned were Atlas and Chronos. Atlas received the kingship near Oceanos (Black Sea) and the people in those days were called Atlanteans. Atlas gave his name to the highest mountain from his land as well. It is said about him, that he had minutely known the laws of celestial movements, sharing with the people the theory of the spherical form. From here comes the legend that Atlas carries the Earth on his shoulders. And in this imaginary form, where mythology depicts the representation of the celestial globe, Atlas had several sons, out of whom one of them, Hesperos, differed through his piety, through his sense of righteousness towards his loyalists and through his sense of humanity. Sometime Hesperos – climbing to the mountaintop of Mount Atlas to observe the stars – had been abducted by unleashed and sudden storms and had disappeared from the face of the earth. The peoples deciding to give him the honor worthy of a god, the brightest star from the sky was gifted with his name. The Atlanteans who live in the plentiful regions on the banks of Oceanos, greatly surpassed – it seems – their neighbours, through piety and hospitality. They claim that the cradle of the gods is their land. Atlas had seven daughters, who – after his name – were given a common name, Atlantids. They were placed on the sky and had received the name of Pleiades.”

Gnaeus Naevius in his work Bellum Punicum, chapters I-VII: “Inerant signa expressa, quomodo Titani, Bicorpores Gigantes magnique Atlantcs, Runcus atque Purpureus, filii Terras.” In translation: “There were clear signs how the titans, the two-bodied giants, the mighty Atlanteans… Runcus and also Purpureus are the sons of Earth.”

In Romanian, purpură or purpuriu = dark red (roșcovan = red headed). Runc = glade, pasture. We also have the following words: poruncă (order, command), aruncă (throw).

In the beginning of our era, in a letter sent to the leader of Dacians – Cothyso, the Latin poet Ovid names him and his people “People descended from the Gods”. Six centuries earlier, the Greek poet Pindar, citing Phrenicus of Heraclea, wrote about the Dacians from the north of Ister (Danube): “The Hyperboreans live in the far parts, near Apollo’s temple. They are wholly unused at war and they come, as traditions say, from the kin of the old titans.”

The poet Martial, in one of his epigrams, wrote to Marcellin: “Soldier Marcellin, you leave now to carry on your shoulders, the northern sky of Hyperboreans and the stars of the Getic Pole that are barely moving.”

Pliny the Elder, in his work Naturalis Historiae, IV-26: “The boreal axis around which the Universe was revolving, touched the Earth at the outfalls of the Ister, on the land of Hyperboreans or Getes.”

Wilhelm Hoffmann – Description of Earth: “Indeed, nowhere will you find a power of faster understanding, a mind more open, a spirit more alert, accompanied by the gracefulness of being, like one finds with the latter Rumanian. This nation, risen through instruction, should stand in front of the spiritual culture of humanity. And as an addition, its language is so rich and harmonious, it should fit the most cultivated nation on Earth.”

The idea of mankind’s divine origin created in the Land of the Gods or the Holy Land Dio Geta, we find it also in the Essene manuscript Angels which says: “Let’s praise the Holy Angels…We praise the angels who firstly, listen to the thought and teaching of the Heavenly Father, of whose angels formed the seed of the peoples. Those who touched the eyebrow of our parent Eno and had guided the Children of Light on seven plus seven ways which lead to the Tree of Life…”

We shall complete the information above with the writings from the Phoenician Histories coming from Philo of Byblos (64 – 141 C.E.) about the kingdom of Atlas which was the hearth of migrations towards Egypt, writing about the king’s brother as follows: “And Chronos – Amon – traveling to the land towards the south, gave the whole of Egypt to god Taaut to be his kingdom. All these facts were mentioned for the first time by the seven sons of Sedek, the Khabirs together with their 8th brother Asclepios, after the order of god Taautus… Out of Misor was born Taautus who created the first signs of writing. The Egyptians and the Alexandrians named this god Thoth, while the Greeks named him Hermes. Out of Sydek came the Dioscurians, the Khabirs, the Coribanthians or Samothracians.”

The meaning of “old ones” used even today by the Egyptians for Geţi (Getes/Djed), we also find in the Essene writing The Seven Ways of Peace which shows from where they received the Law and in which period in time: “Make peace with all the Sons of Peoples and let it be known from the Chosen of the Light, because we live in accordance with the Holy Law, since the time of Eno or earlier… Long before the Great Flood, The Great (Old) Ones walked the earth and the giant trees which presently remain a legend, was their home and their kingdom.”


7 Days of the week

7 Hills of Rome

7 Archangels

7 Champions of Christendom

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

7 Dio of the Getes

7 Amshaspands of the Zoroastrian theology

7 Sleepers of Ephesus

7 Hindu Tattvas


There is a common (not slang) expression used in Romania that seems a little weird at first – 7 ani de acasă – because it literally means “seven years at home”.

What does it mean?

Even today, a child legally does not need to go to (full-time) school until s/he is seven years old. That is because the child is supposed to be at home learning how to act right.

Essentially anything you can later righteously scold them for not doing “correctly” is what you were supposed to have learned in those 7 years – manners, politeness, decorum and “proper” behavior.


Toponyms and words which point to Pleiades / Pelasgians


Paeonia, Pelasgonia, Pelasgia, Peleaga, Peleș, Pelișor, Pelion, Péone, Pélissanne, Pella, Pelagićevo, Pelaot, Pélaou Blanc, Peleuses, Pelonne, Pelageino, Pelageevka, Pelagonija, Peliūnai, Peloponnesus, Pelotas, Pelabuhan, Pelahatchie, Pelaihari, Peliunan etc.

Romanian words:

pleiadă = group of stars from the Taurus Constellation, group of persons, the totality of isotopes of the same chemical element, the Pietroasele treasure from Buzău, Romania.

plen = the totality of members of an organization

pleamă = kin, family, type

plebeu = peasant, worker, lower-class citizen

plecăciune = bow, inclination, obeisance

pledoarie = plea



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