From Wallachia to Assyria


Related cultures wearing the Pelasgian cap

Assyria and Wallachia

To the left we have the Assyrian “Tree of Life” and to the right the Wallachian version, with a pinecone on top, representing the pineal gland and also the passing down of the knowledge

The Emesh appeared first in Mesopotamia around 5.000 B.C. Prior to their emergence they were preceded by the Ubaid migrants from what is now southern Romania, from Carpathia and Scythia, who had fled south to escape the Black Sea flood sometime around 5.500 B.C.

The Black Sea was the region of the biblical flood, it being a fresh water lake before it was flooded by the Mediterranean and that is why today the Black Sea has a lower salinity level.

William Ryan and Walter Pitman, geologists (1995): “The place described in the Old Testament as being flooded is the one of the Black Sea.”

Also Robert Ballard, an explorer, confirmed later in 1999 what William Ryan and Walter Pitman said.

Several key elements are to be found in the Emesh culture such as the Tree of Life, the horned cap worn by the Emesh nobility and also by priests, the flower-bracelet, the pine cone and the bag. The origin of these symbols is to be found in the Getic culture where the Tree of Life is represented by the fir tree (symbolizing eternity because it is forever green) which is not native to Mesopotamia. The flower of life is again a Getic symbol used on shields, weapons, traditional clothing, pottery, tombstones, buildings and wooden doors. The bull is also a Getic symbol found in the coat of arms of Moldova and can be traced all the way back to the Neolithic, being a totemic symbol used by the native European tribes and even the late Paleolithic where it depicts the Bull constellation / Pleiades. As for the bag, it can be found also in the Mayan civilization and it was discovered even at Göbekli Tepe.

The descendants of this ancient kin were the Sacred Ubaid Race who later settled Mesopotamia and founded the Emesh religion around 5.000 B.C. Their Transylvanian ancestors were the Emesh Gods themselves, meaning the titans or the giants so beautifully spoken of in the Rumanian folklore and also highly spoken of by the ancient Greeks and by the whole ancient world for that matter.

Carpathia – The Cradle of Civilization | Enhanced Satellite View

The Dragon’s Head: Starting from S-E Czech Republic and Central Slovakia, continuing through Southern Poland…

The Dragon’s Body: …continuing through Western Ukraine, then Northern, Central, S-E and S-W Romania…

The Dragon’s Heart (or Egg): Central Romania – Ardeal (Transylvania).

The Dragon’s Tail: …continuing through S-E Serbia and ending in Central Bulgaria, reaching the Black Sea, near Varna.

Still wondering why was Vlad Dracul the Son of the Dragon?

Bucegi Mountains – Head of a Dragon | Satellite View

Getic writings of Hândreşti | 5.500 B.C.

1st Tablet : “The Savior gleams and exists through the heavenly thunder.”

2nd Tablet : “The abode and building are blessed by the power of the snake of heavenly knowledge.”

[Translation made by the author Constantin Olariu Arimin]


Getes attending a religious gathering

“The Language of the Gods” – The Getic / Rumunian language

“In Getica, written by Jordanes, in paragraph XXV (page 133) we have the time testimony that the Getes’ religion (named by Judeo-Christians as Arianism) was delivered only in the Getic language or Rumunian language; religion which was learned by the Goths, who loved the Zalmoxian religion, and by other tribes who practiced the cult of the cross as well.

Jordanes is writing about the arrival of the Goths (around the year 375) in the Roman Empire during the time of the Get emperor (Valens) and their conversion (with the help of the imperial clergy) to the Getic religion, as following: “Preaching the gospel with such dedication to both Ostrogoths and Gepids, who were relatives of the Goths, they have taught them not only the language of this nation – but also the dogma of this sect. Crossing the Danube River, in Dacia Ripensis, with the permission of the king they settled in Moesia and Thrace.”

Another testimony that the Mithraism or Arianism (which means the Zalmoxian religion or the religion of the Getes) was preached only in Getic or Rumunian language (considered to be the language of the gods, which brought to the Carpathian nations – many thousands of years ago – the first dogmas of the religion of the cross), we will also find with the Latin writer, Firmicus Maternus, in his work entitled De errore profanarum religionum, written between 346-350. Being very upset, Firmicus was saying that in Mithraism, the language of the cult was not the Greek language (actually correct would have been to be named Koine language, because the Greeks have not spoken for 700 years the Greek language of Pericles, Socrates, and Thucydides), nor the Latin language – but its original language (without mentioning where we need to look in order to find the liturgical language in question).

Right now I will come with the strongest argument in order to prove that, in ancient times, the language of the Getes was considered the “language of the gods”; language through which all the wisdom was received. The old Romanian language has in common (identical or very similar) with the Eme-ĝi language 3184 words, and 4405 words from the old Romanian language are formed from two or more Eme-ĝi words. We know that the Eme-ĝi language (or Sumerian language, how it was named by the liars in the second part of the 19th century) was a liturgical language (or the “language of the gods”), which was used by the Semitic nations who had invaded many times, throughout history, Ki-En-Ĝi(r) / Sumer; reality which was also mentioned by the two Latin sources from above. In the 18th century, in Wales, the Getic language (or Rumunian language) was used as a liturgical language – as we have found “Our Father from the Heavens” – prayer being used by the Gauls. So, all of these arguments are proving that the Rumunian language (or Getic language) was known in ancient times as “the language of the gods”, and the religion of the Getes was addressed only in this language in the Roman Empire – some prayers were still being said in the Getic language for many hundreds of years.”

Excerpt from | Constantin Olariu Arimin | Translated by Ioana

Here is a comparative table between the writing found on the clay tablets from Tărtăria (Romania), the Eme.Gi/Sumerian writing, the writing found on the lead plates from Sinaia (Romania) and some symbols from the Getic alphabet:


1. Tărtăria signs > 6.200 B.C. | 2. Ki-En-Ĝi(r) / Sumer signs > 3.200 B.C. | 3. Getic letters > Sinaia lead plate no. 1 | 4. Getic alphabet

Some testimonies about the Tărtăria tablets:

V. Titov, Russian archaeologist: “At Tărtăria emerged the oldest writing of humanity.”

Marco Merlini, Italian archaeologist, about the Tărtăria tablets and the bones found along with them: “The bones, as well as the tablets are very old. It is a certainty. It is our turn to think that writing began in Europe, 2.000 years before the Sumerian writing. In Romania we have a great treasure, but it does not belong only to Romania, but to the whole of Europe.”

John Mandis: “The oldest discoveries of some writing symbols were made at Turdaș and Tărtăria.”

Harald Haarmann, German savant: “The oldest writing in the world is that of Tărtăria – Romania. The Danubian Civilization is the first great civilization in history, preceding by thousands of years the Sumerian civilization.”

Holographic Pyramid Archetype

Ceahlău Massif | Toaca Peak – Romania! The Primordial Pyramid Archetype and Sacred Mountain of the Getes (Kogaion). This is where la la land begins! The metaphysical holographic pyramid and inter-dimensional gate. Here the sky opens up the way for the Sun to ascend…the way (road) of Light.

It’s a natural phenomenon occurring every year on August the 6th, coinciding with the Christian feast – The Transfiguration of Christ! The people from the Olt region of Rumania call this feast by the name of Obrăjenie.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead, chapter 15 (the correct title being The Book of Escaping in the Light): “Oh, Ye God Anu from the mountainous Antem, Oh great God, the Sun of the two mountains!”

The truth was right under your nose all along, only it was covered with falsehood!

The Goddess had many representations. In Europe it can be found as a Venus figurine, a bird, or another animal sometimes holding a baby. For example in Ki-En-Ĝi(r) it has the face of a reptile. The reptilian Nibiru-Anunnaki story is nothing but deceit and it has to do with Sitchin’s (a Khazar from Baku) buffooneries aimed at creating a false alien agenda, which today is much cherished by the legion of New Age nonsense adorers who take deluded stories for scientific facts! There is no such thing as «Sumer» or «Sumerians» as these are terms introduced by those who have striven to Judaize the entire Emesh culture for the past 150 years! The Da-Nuna themselves (Anunnaki) have to do with the lost world of Old Europe, their place of origin from where they were later introduced in Mesopotamia. Russian sumerologists decrypted the Emesh tablets more than 30 years ago and other professional researchers and honorable people such as Richard H. Charles, Ronald K. Brown, Ronald H. Fritze, dismantled Sitchin’s “revelations” and “interpretations” of the tablets a long time ago. And even more recently the ufologist Michael E. Salla (see his article here) has taken time to write about this madness which has become almost a religion for the weak minded thanks to certain promoters from the series Ancient Aliens who are deliberately pushing Sitchin’s agenda in order to poison the people’s minds with all kinds of absurdities! Most of these people know nothing about the ancient history of Eurasia, its language and its folklore, its people, mythology and culture, let alone the innumerable archaeological discoveries made in Central and South-Eastern Europe in the past 100 years only, which seem to elude their darkened minds! The masonic death cult will do absolutely everything to put on the wrong track, those who are interested in our long forgotten past and ancient civilizations.

Here are some other researchers who speak against Zecharia Sitchin and his fraudulent books:

Mike Heiser

Jason Colavito

Rob Hafernik

Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

That the Pelasgians reached all the corners of the world and influenced, enriched and also gave birth to many cultures around the world, there is no doubt. This is the greatest cover-up in the history of humanity. When they were already flourishing in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic space, the Emesh, the Egyptians or the ancient Greeks didn’t even exist yet, emerging thousands of years later after the Atlantean/Hyperborean period (ca. 13.000 years ago). All ancient testimonies of the past coming from Latin and Greek scholars (for the most part) speak highly of the people from north of the river Danube, who were later taken out of history by the minions of Satan who manufactured all sorts of preposterous stories for the academic establishment of the united “experts” worldwide!

Also the cult of the cross is at least 8.000 years old. As proof stand the artifacts and many other inscriptions made on walls, stones and ancient altars; variations upon variations. The Gammadion Cross (in Sanskrit, svastika = mystical cross) is one of the most sacred symbols on Earth. The Cross represents the intersection between man and Divinity, the link between the Sky and the Earth. It is the primary geometry which sits in the center of the unity between two lines – first meeting, first communion and first love.

The Gammadion Cross – which is the cross in motion – represents the whirl, the sacred geometry and dynamic of the Universe, but it also represents something much more sacred and that is the name of God. This whirl, this motion…is the motion of the heavenly bodies which revolve within the Earth’s firmament (sky) around the North Star (Polaris). Unfortunately some time later a few of the ancient Greeks falsified everything with their Hellenistic lies (even so you’ll find a lot of them telling the truth if you study the historical documents), stealing the original Hyperborean mythology and altering it with their “visionary” stories, just as the Romans did on their part when they Romanized the Getic/Hyperborean pantheon. We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology, folklore etc. to back that up, but unfortunately only a minute part of the Romanian literature reaches the European academic establishment. However, there are more and more savants and experts from Europe who are discovering more and more about the lost world of Old Europe, and it is just a matter of time until this reality will be recognized, but given the fact that it has many political and religious implications, we can only expect many difficulties and dangers ahead!

Hebrew Mosaics who rejected Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, together with their Jesuit (Crypto-Jew) counterpart confiscated Christianity in order to put themselves above all Nations, creating false Christian churches such as the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and others, so they could deceive the masses, leading people astray and of course make a business out of it while they’re at it! Making money out of religion and leading people to hell is their number one objective! They have also successfully infiltrated Orthodox Christian churches through the Ecumenical directive, as they are trying to completely obliterate Christianity and fulfill their secular agenda (a one world religion)! It’s no secret they were always lovers of money, renowned for their commercial activities and very skilled in the arts of usury! After all, according to these criminals we are nothing more than animals/Goyim (Sanhedrin 74b; Yebamoth 98a etc.) who only have the one and only purpose of serving the „chosen people”.

Today the impostors – the Khazarian bloodline (who converted to Judaism in the 8th century A.D.) through the Synagogue of Satan, the Vatican Church of the Jesuits and also through other masonic organizations – are trying to destroy everything that has to do with the European people (they are using Muslims to destabilize Europe, and they are playing the multiculturalism card or whatever devilish card they have up their sleeves to serve their Zionist agenda), in order to accomplish their long awaited plan – establishing the New World Order (the dominion of Anti-Christ)! That’s what they did with this world, through theft, bloodshed and deceit, enslaving the whole of humanity in the name of their grand architect and master for nothing but material wealth and for the much needed suffering they feed upon. These devils and their brotherhoods are behind all the wars that are going on today, be them of military, economical or social nature! The genocidal maniacs must be denounced and locked in the deepest dungeons for the rest of their miserable lives, never to see the light of day again! It is not easy though, because whoever dares to speak against these monsters, immediately they are labeled as Anti-Semitic!

See the article Satan’s Synagogue written by the Romanian author Constantin Olariu Arimin here. And also you can read another article written by the same author about the Holocaust Industry here (part one) and here (part two).


12 thoughts on “From Wallachia to Assyria

  1. Great! Actually I have been wondering for a while about the Dacian cap – it has its unique shape, but I could see it in other cultures too – good to know it’s Pelasgian. I have seen it, oddly enough, in an ancient Japanese stamp; it represented some local fighting characters, but one of them wasn’t fitting in: of evident Caucasian origins, it had a whiter complexion, a kind of an upturn nose – obviously bigger than the rest – and wearing the cap.
    Romanian peasants in some regions still wear it, but I’ve also seen it in a 1952 Italian movie about some mean landowner – wine-grower that asked a potter to fix a man-size clay jar – the potter was wearing exactly the same cap.

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  2. you got near but missed the main point, man. The Emech culture was one of the many existing between 7000 and 4000 b.C. and yes, pictographic writing was born in southern Serbia and Romania, but the Emesh culture and its use of writing cannot be compared to the sudden rise of a civilization. What this article lacks is the coprehension of the difference between the two terms: ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’. Emesh was a culture, the sumerians were a civilization, who used a language (now called ‘Euphratic’ by many scholars) rendered using pictographic signs and evolving them into cuneiform.

    This, if course, does not dismiss Z. Sitchin’s (was azeri, not kazar) ideas and discoveries…


    • Perhaps you are mislead by words. That’s not the point of the matter. The fact is that nowhere on the Emesh/Sumerian tablets is there written the name “Sumer” or “Sumerians”. The Ubaid culture is the predecessor of the so-called Sumerian civilization who established itself in the land of Ki.En.Gi, as written on the tablets; and their language was called Eme.Gi. Some time later they replaced the pictographic language with the Cuneiform one. As for the fraud and Freemason Zecharia Sitchin, he was indeed a Khazar from Azerbaijan, and the only thing he discovered was how to find a way to Judaize the Sumerian culture in order to portray the Jews as having divine origins, hence the “Anunnaki/Nibiru” concoction which has no factual basis. Whoever studied the Emesh civilization knows very well that Nibiru is associated with Jupiter. What is even more outrageous is the fact that Sitchin’s Anunnaki fairy tale is about a so-called alien civilization enslaving mankind for mining gold for them (it is unbelievable how gullible people are believing such utter nonsense), and last time I checked the Crypto-Jews were the ones who actually did enslave humanity for the sake of their own pockets, in the name of their beloved Satan. The good ol’ Talmudic/Satanic doctrine all over again! So no, science-fiction is not science my friend. Period. Clearly you are in love with a deluded concoction, which, of course, is unfortunate. The fact that these criminals intentionally hid the origins of this marvelous civilization is enough proof to expose them for what they truly are!


      • You write:

        — That’s not the point of the matter. The fact is that nowhere on the Emesh/Sumerian tablets is there written the name “Sumer” or “Sumerians” —

        Sumer is an akkadian word, the sumerians called their land KI.EN.GI(R), and the akkadians called it Shumer, that’s why you don’t find the name in sumerian tablets. It is a difference in language, just like if you read a modern polish text you will find ‘Niemiecki’ instead of ‘German’. Imagine that now Poland conquers the world and Polish becomes the most widespread language… in some centuries, the latin term ‘German’ would disappear, and the polish word Niemiecki would be the normal term to describe germans… the same happened for “Sumer”.

        I have to specify that the identification of Nibiru with Jupiter is an old mistake, Nibiru is described in cuneiform texts with at least 3 meanings: mercury, jupiter, an unidentified star. But the analysis of the MU.APIN shows that Nibiru / Marduk is not Jupiter.

        You can find my analysis of the tablet and linguistic part here:

        And by the way Z.S. was highly critical about hebrews, being a hebrew himself. He had been at the head of the ZOA but he left because of their policies.

        If you want you can also read my linguistic analysis of the Anunnaki term:

        And here is the link between Gheto-Dacia and Sumer


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