Excavations reveal new terracotta army at ancient emperor’s tomb

Chinese archaeologists are working on uncovering more than 1400 well-preserved clay soldiers dating from about 200 BC. Source: China News Service

CHINA’s famous terracotta army is about to be reinforced: Fresh excavations on a burial pit in the ancient capital, Xi’an are expected to uncover 1500 more of the live-sized clay figurines.

The excavation, which began last Thursday, is centred upon a 200 sq/m patch of the 56 sq/km underground mausoleum of China’s first emperor, Emperor Qinshihuang, who reigned in 221 BC.

Source: China News Service

Archaeologist Yuan Zhongyi told media that he anticipated the burial pit would contain 1400 more terracotta warriors and archers, along with about 90 horse-drawn chariots.

“Progress has so far been promising,“ he said. “Their colourful paint is also relatively well preserved.”

Source: China News Service

The excavation site, known as “Pit No. 2”, has previously produced several particularly fine specimines — including one with a distinctive green-coloured face.

The number of clay figurines expected to be uncovered is based on the positioning and density of previous discoveries in the area.

Source: China News Service

Previous excavations at the Shaaxi Province site uncovered more than 7000 warriors and horses since 1974.

Source : news.com.au

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