Four Giant Craters Found In Siberia After Flash Of Light

Scientists in Siberia have discovered four new craters in the Yamal Peninsula, one of which was discovered shortly after locals reported a giant flash of light. These craters quickly filled with snow and water and are now lakes. One of the newly discovered craters is surrounded by 20 smaller ones. It’s possible that new holes are opening up and scientists are somewhat alarmed that they can’t predict them.

Last year, three large craters were discovered in northern Russia, baffling scientists around the world. Originally, it was speculated that they might be impact craters from bombs and eruptions along fault lines. Others thought they might have been caused by aliens or underground creatures of sorts.

It’s possible that the craters are tied to global warming. Surface ice has begun melting quickly, thus causing giant sinkholes. Some scientists worry that methane gas is mixing with water, salt and heat underground, thus causing explosions. But it’s still a bit of a mystery.

The most alarming thing to consider is that these giant holes are forming closer to human settlements, causing a threat to life. With any luck, scientists will be able to determine the cause of these holes before too long.

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