FULL DISCLOSURE | Hon. Paul T. Hellyer

Hon. Paul T. Hellyer drops important, heartfelt message to the world:

“We have been given a few months, not years…

We are the ones destined to write our own history”

Former Defence Minister of Canada talks about urgent issues we face today and how we can act on them as individuals, with a common goal of freedom and truth.


6 thoughts on “FULL DISCLOSURE | Hon. Paul T. Hellyer

  1. This Video would have been so much more effective if Hellyer could have kept out of politics, away from the Twin Towers subject, and stuck to the Fed, the insanity of running finances the way they do, the reality of UFO’s, and the need for a guiding light in the realm of religion (rather than just equating all three Abrahamic Religions and subtly inferring that they are the only religions of significance to humanity). If we only have a few months and not years to change and save ourselves, I would hope that Hellyer will go back and do this video over, and do it in a way that doesn’t turn off so many groups of people simultaneously and unnecessarily. We’ve all been so programmed to believe certain elements of mainstream views, that it will be impossible to get five million people to agree on all the “fringe” ideas he’s embraced at once:
    1. UFO’s. 2. Aliens. 3. The Fed being top-dog evil. 4. Twin Towers “Truthers” having it right. 5. The superiority of Democrats and Obama over Republicans and Bush. 6. The advisability of spending two Trillion more debt dollars to “get things rolling.” 7. The superiority and sole relevance of the Abrahamic Religions. 8. The shadow government’s existence. 9. The wisdom of the 99 percenter movement. 10. Siding against the Jews in the Middle East. 11. The advisability of purchasing his Book, “The Money Mafia.”

    I would suggest that Mr. Hellyer eliminate as many of these items as possible from his next worthy attempt to rally the world behind him. If he were to read this comment (yeah, right) I would hope he takes it as sincere constructive criticism of his video, not an argument against any of his positions. I’m just making a very practical and wise suggestion to him.

    Regarding number 11, I’m going to go buy his book immediately. Hope it’s on Amazon. Sounds like my kind of book. 🙂

    Hey, Thank you for posting this video. I really appreciate it! Might never have seen it otherwise.

    M. Talmage Moorehead, MD

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    • Very well said Talmage. We are witnessing interesting times indeed and it seems people which still have some sense of consciousness left are deciding to come out of the closet, even if it’s now at the nick of time. Thank your for taking the time to comment and welcome to The S⊕n Pillar! Namaskaram!

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      • I bought his book and have read several chapters. So far it’s excellent. He seems to have the idea that jobs can be created by government debt “money,” but he’s spent his life in public service, they all have that misconception… That’s why debt destroyed Rome and is killing the US, in my humble and yet infallible opinion. haha It’s a great book, though, so far. Can’t wait to get to the part about UFO’s. The book’s price was quite reasonable on Amazon Kindle, I thought.


  2. Turns out that I was inaccurate in a statement above. Sorry.

    Now that I’ve read almost all of the book, “The Money Mafia,” I see that Hellyer makes a distinction between the printing of money by a government (despite its debt) and the “printing” of “debt money” by the Federal Reserve’s computers, a process that operates secretly by adding zeros, without elected oversight. It’s a distinction that I don’t fully comprehend yet. Periodically over the years I have tried to understand and remember the details of the complex maze of money creation and its flow. It’s bizarre, designed to bore the public.

    But to hide money matters in a boring artificial maze of complexity seems the logical way to go. It reminds me of the IRS Tax code. Congress could give a welfare check to a billionaire in that fog.

    While I admire Hellyer’s, and anyone else’s, courage for going public with a belief in UFO’s, I would dearly like one of the UFO “experts” to tell us carefully and systematically how confident they are in each part of their views.

    For instance, assuming Hellyer, or perhaps someone like Dr. Stephen Greer, is 100% sure of the reality of UFO’s, what is their level of certainty regarding the existence of ET’s within the UFO’s? 99%? And what is the degree of certainty that the ET’s they believe in are all benign and not any of them aggressive? 85%?

    Equally important, what is this belief in the benign nature of ET’s founded upon – evidence or merely assumption-based deductive reasoning (If…then…)?

    And what, if anything, do we truly know for sure about their religion? What does Hellyer mean when he says, “I was in my 80’s before I realized that Ala is my God”? I’d pay Mr. Hellyer a hundred bucks right now to tell me everything he knows on that subject – providing he’s not basing it on mere feelings and intuition.

    Thanks again for posting this amazing video!

    All my best,

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