Emotions Show Strong Mind-Body Connection

Scientists from Finland have recently been able to use topographic methods to see what the effects different emotions have on body temperature and other sensations in the body. What’s interesting is that after five experiments and over 700 participants, there was an outstanding degree of accuracy between where people said they felt a certain emotion on their body and where that emotion showed up on their body using topography.

This strong correlation between emotions being harbored in the brain and the sensations we feel in our body demonstrates how important having peace of mind is for physical health. Maybe we can start looking at emotions in terms how how our minds and bodies interact with the environment, instead of them being things just created by our brains.

According to the ancient Indian traditions, emotions are generated and stored in different energy systems in the body known as chakras. With some solid scientific evidence in place that the body AND the mind play a role in the experience of emotion, we can now take the next step of exploring just why it is that some emotions are universally experienced in the same places in the body for everyone.

The full research findings can be viewed here.

Source : thespiritscience.net

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