When giants roamed the Earth

According to legends, giants once lived and breathed. We’re not talking about a few scattered tales here and there since most cultures present a variation on this subject. There’s the well-known biblical tale of the Nephilim, we have the Daityas in Hinduism, the Gigantes in Greek mythology, the Jotun in Norse legends and many more.

Bulgarian mythology describes the ispolini as the second out of three generations of men to inhabit the world, the third one being modern humans. They lived in mountain caves, fed exclusively on raw meat and would often engage dragons in battle, as they were natural born enemies.

But the strongest evidence is the discovery of gigantic human bones or even complete skeletons. Fortunately, accounts of such discoveries being made come from all over the globe. A skeleton that belonged to a seventeen feet tall human was discovered in the Philippines. Bones belonging to a similar being were found in South-Eastern China and carbon-dating revealed them to be at least a quarter of a million years old.

All of these discoveries have a common characteristic and that is they never make it to local or national news. That could mean they never occurred in the first place. Naturally, this explanation would be satisfying if it weren’t for government tendencies to cover up discoveries that could challenge conventional beliefs.

Source : locklip.com


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