At last! A man who dares to tell the truth about race

  • Trevor Phillips is the former chairman of  Commission for Racial Equality 
  • He has attacked ‘racket’ of multiculturalism sparked by Blair government
  • Blamed the silencing of race issues for the Rotherham grooming scandal
  • Claims we are ‘more ready to offend each other’ as price for free speech

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering, said: ‘For once, Trevor Phillips is right. Political correctness has acted as a huge deterrent to people speaking their mind on the important issues of the day‘.

In his article, Mr. Phillips listed a range of areas where he suggested political correct ideas and multiculturalism had made things worse.

He put the failure of people to speak out down to fact that the ‘modern secular sin of being a racist, or its religious cousin an anti-semite or islamophobe, is by far the worst crime of which you can be accused’.

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