Water predates the Sun

New research is demonstrating that the water on this planet may not have been formed on this planet at all, but in fact been floating around in space for a very long time. So long in fact, that it predates not just this planet, but our very own sun.

Basically, this new research describes that when the Sun was formed, it was surrounded by a large disk of rock and ice. Originally, we though that these rock and ice particles were created in the suns early formation stages, but now we are learning that that’s not the case. Those chunks were pulled there from outside, which originally were created in interstellar space.

It is even possible that this water was created by a Quasar, which very simply is an exploding star in space that continually smashes hydrogen and oxygen together to create water in space. Recent discoveries depict a large body of water roughly 20,000x more than the amount on earth. This floating body of water and others like it are amazing, and may be a foundational source of where all of the water on earth came from.

Water is ultimately the basis by which biological life comes into existence. It is through water that all life came from, whether it is archeo-bacteria, fish, or even people. Our physical bodies are composed greatly of water, and that right there is significant beyond measure.

Source : thespiritscience.net

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