Nikola Tesla: The Lifestyle Of A Visionary Genius

Genius, inventor, and futurist, Nikola Tesla lead a fascinating life during which he accomplished more than many inventors could in two life times. He designed and created many ground-breaking inventions that are still in use to this day, the most famous of which are the rotating magnetic field, the tesla coil, the alternating current motor, and the radio, along with many ideas and concepts that he never had the chance to experiment with and perfect before passing away. He believed that invention is the single most important aspect for the progressive development of humanity; he saw beauty in the harnessing of the forces of nature for human needs. While his accomplishments were astounding, it is the efficiency and systematic nature of his mind and lifestyle that is the marvel that helped him achieve his greatness.

After jump starting his education at his home, Tesla later attended school Carlstadt, Croatia where he effortlessly excelled in his studies. His genius potential was first realized when he was able to perform integral calculus in his head, at which point his teachers were convinced that he was some how cheating until he proved that he could solve the calculus equations without doing them by hand. Nikola went on to study at the Graz polytechnic school in Austria where he continued to amaze. His devotion and work ethic shocked people, so much so that some feared for his sanity and well-being due to how hard he appeared to work. However, Tesla claimed that to him, it didn’t feel like work at all. He said that it was as if his inventive thoughts came to him instinctively and his abilities in mathematics and engineering were in his nature. His performance and precision when solving problems and understanding concepts was so systematical and properly executed that he appeared robotic at times, leaving even his professors speechless.

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