Tomb of Osiris Unearthed in Egypt

(Paolo Bondielli/Min Project)

LUXOR, EGYPT—A team of Spanish and Italian Egyptologists has unearthed a tomb complex on the West Bank of the Nile opposite the modern city of Luxor that features a chapel with a statue of the god Osiris. According to an announcement published by the Luxor Times, the team believes the unusual architecture of the tomb, which probably dates to sometime between 760 and 525 B.C. shows that like the Osirion complex in Abydos, it was modeled on the mythical tomb of Osiris, and was intended to celebrate that god’s mysteries. Below the Osiris statue the team found the tomb’s burial chamber, and a nearby room was decorated with reliefs depicting demons and deities holding knives and meant to stand guard over the body of the tomb’s occupant. To read about another recent discovery in the same vicinity, see “Sarcophagus of a Singer of the God Amun Found in Luxor.”

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