The Genocide of the Old Scythian writing

Inscription from the Csíkszentmiklós Church

In the region north of the Caucasus, west of the Ural mountains up to the Carpathian Basin several related, though different, yet undeciphered scripts exist. All of them feature characteristics in ductus which can be called “runiform”.

The runic script was first mentioned in the 13th century Chronicle of Simon of Kéza,[9] where he stated that the Székelys may use the script of the Vlachs,[10][11] possibly making a confusion between the runes and Cyrillic script (as the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet was used to write the Romanian language till 1860–1862 and remained in occasional use until ca. 1920): “… non tamen in plano Panonie, sed cum Blackis in montibus confinii sortem habuerunt, unde Blakis commixti litteris ipsorum uti perhibentur” (=”…although not on the Pannonian Plain but among the borderland mountains along with the Vlachs [where] they mixed up with them and so allegedly they use their letters“).

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