The Danube’s Cauldrons and King Decebal | RUMANIA


King Decebal | The Largest Rock Sculpture in Europe

The narrowest sector of the Danube River on Romanian territory, the place where it cuts through the rocky mountain, has determined many tourists to rank it in the first place among other natural wonders of Romania. Here lays the largest sculpture in Europe, the doughty sculpture of Decebal, the mighty Getae king. Both a monument created by nature and a man-made monument.

The Danube’s Cauldrons area is not far from Orşova, (city in the South of Romania), at about 365 km from the capital Bucharest. Coming from Drobeta Turnu Severin, one passes by The Iron Gates and the borderline point with Serbia, through a breathtaking landscape.

The road follows the mountain line, with many viaducts and bridges on one side, and the Danube on the other side. Unfortunately there are far too few places where you can stop the car on this journey. The landscape is spectacular throughout the whole routing, down to the Mraconia monastery. The Serbian villages lay on the other shore, so close, that the Serbian mobile phone networks are functional. Both the statue of Decebal and the Mraconia monastery can be seen from the Serbian shore of the Danube.

In the Serbian language, “Mraconia” means dark water or hidden place and the small monastery that can be seen from the roadside was built recently, as a replica of a very old monastery that had been swallowed by the water. Taking a forest road one can also climb the ‘Ciucaru Mare’ Mountain, (316 m high). Another wonderful scenery is offered by the rocky walls of the defile, that are 200m high and a few caves that are sometimes flooded by the Danube, the second largest river in Europe.

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