Father Justin Pârvu about Romania of today and the European Union

Justin Pârvu

“Today Romania exists but only by its name. Everyone is afraid. Europe and Moscow is afraid of an united Romania.

Today Romania exists but only by its name and not only Romania, so to speak. The reality of nations is not controlled by them anymore, but controlled by the European Center. We cannot talk about a free Romania, because the Romanian government is lead by great powers which remain hidden behind the European Union or behind other international unions.

In reality, democracy does not exist, for it exists only in the illusion and gives us the impression that we are free. Reality is solely in the hands of the Central Committee, who dictates the lives of nations. It is a blatant quelling against the will of nations and an obvious tendency towards the mixture of nations, so that firstly, people would no longer be able to recognize their identity as a nation and then neither recognizing their identity as a human being and creation of God. At this hour, nations are dismantled.

Everyone is afraid. Europe and Moscow is afraid of an united Romania. That is why there are introduced all sorts of diversions between Romanians, so that nothing durable can coagulate and therefore can accentuate and maintain the separation. Everyone needs to steal the goods and lands of an enriched Romania. Everybody and somebody has interests in using our country as an eventual front between two powers. As a matter of fact a high level of globalization has been reached. At this hour we can say that Europe is a “moscow-ness” everywhere, communism.

We, Romanians, have always been a “chest and sword” of defense for the Occident, during history. The Carpathians have been iron walls that blocked everyone who tried to conquer Europe. But the Occident has known to better profit from this and never did they acknowledge this fact. And now they are ironically questioning, why has the Romanian individual come to beg for money? It is our leaders and our Romanian parties fault as well. They have “eaten” each other and have crammed to betray faster and faster so that they could receive the support of high powers. But all this situation and habitualness in betraying, has done only to weaken the resistance and wealthiness of the country.

Yes, we have become the beggars of Europe, because we, in all our poverty have put this in the hands of Occidental Europe, who is now living on our sacrifice. But our role, will be hardly valued by this occidental world, who cannot live and cannot achieve the sacrificial level of Romanians. We invite our occidental brothers to participate in the beautiful traditions of our country, that beautifully announce the birth of Christ, in a way, maybe more beautiful than any other nations’, from the oldest to the most little son of Him, who chirps in the arms of the mother, almost being himself a witness to the birth of the Lord.

Today, the will of the nation, is built upon the false idea of choosing one or the other, giving just the impression that you are a free voter. Your vote is only used and manipulated for their petty interests. Instead of spending so much money on political campaign parades, better would it be to build a school, a hospital, out of that scattered money. They make campaigns and promises, while everywhere poverty remains. The chosen politicians should be hold accountable for what they did in their own city or village where they have governed. But so, if nobody verifies them and they don’t pay for what they have done, evidently they will keep stealing for their own personal interests. This country is governed, not by the needs and difficulties of people, but by the will of the one in charge.

For now, the state remains in its sleep of death, it does not manifest interest, it is insensible for the pain of its people. We can no longer expect to be saved by a Romanian leader, because now it is debated that Europe and the international banking system should save us. Today, the simple Romanian, entrusts in this false democratic Europe.

This vine, called Romania, which God has given us and left for us, from ancestor to ancestor, to be cleansed of droughts of inurement and to be risen towards rebirth, can be taken away by Him and given to other doers, if we continue to lazy ourselves and if we don’t prove we can be the good doers, who can bring the good fruit. We are building the history with our own hands. We have leaders who behave exactly in the same manner that our soul’s nature is and also influenced by how our un-christianised education, that we had been taught by our family is.”

14 thoughts on “Father Justin Pârvu about Romania of today and the European Union

  1. Generally I do not read article on blogs, even so I wish to say that this write-up is amazing!
    Your writing taste has impressed me. Thank you, very great post.


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