2.400 year old dental crown found in Bulgaria!

Dental crown made by the ancient Getae – the first such discovery in Bulgaria

A crown of several thousand years was found in Sboryanovo National Reserverve. In this interview, archaeologist Prof. Diana Gergova explains who were the Getae and who were the ancient dentists that made the crown.

The Getae and their culture and knowledge are associated with exceptional figures of the Ancient World. According to Herodotus, their legendary king, priest and god Zalmoxis, was either a student or even a precursor of Pythagoras. Our findings in the spiritual and political capital of the Getae in Sboryanovo National Reserve – the likely “City of the Wolves” confirm their extraordinary knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and architecture, evident in the construction of the individual tombs and in the planning of the entire necropolis.

Source : dental-polishers.com

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